Solar & Battery Powered

Our farming station has 70kW of Solar Panels and 140kW of Tesla Batteries to ensure a 100% coal emission free operation to support the green energy goals of the Chia network

Australian ASIC Registered

We are an Austrailian Securities and Investments Commission registered company since 2014, we are held to high accountability and must provide the service we promise

shipping internationally

Our current maximum is 2000 plots per day and are shipping hard drives internationally, or alternatively offer a cloud farming service for your plotted drive

Inhouse farming options

To save down time from shipping, we offer an inhouse cloud farming service by joining our collective pool with full daily disclosure on % of units held within the pool.

Plotting services

$1.5 USD

Per PLOT delivered

Frequently asked questions

Yes it is. Sharing your public keys is safe. On the other hand, sharing your private keys is not and we don’t need them to generate plots for you. With your Public Farmer Key and Public Farm Key we can generate plots that will work on your farm.

Never share your private key with anyone. Your private key protects your wallet and ensures only you can access your funds.

For macOS and Linux

This is super simple. To show all your keys, simply execute this command:

chia keys show

It will show all your keys, including your private key.

If you don’t want to show your private keys, you can execute this command:

chia keys show | grep ‘Pool\|Farmer’

Just copy and paste your “Farmer Public Key” and your “Pool Public Key”. That’s all we need to start plotting for you.

For Windows

For Windows it’s a bit trickier. You first need to locate the executable to be able to use the command and show your keys.

First, launch a powershell terminal (simply click on the windows button and type “powershell” and then “Enter”).

Then, list the folders situated in your chia installation directory:

ls $env:LOCALAPPDATA\chia-blockchain\

You will see a list of all the directories and files contained in the folder. This way you can locate the folder of your installed version of chia, at the time of writing : \app-1.1.5\

Then, navigate to the executable, replacing “app-1.1.5” with your version if it is different.

cd $env:LOCALAPPDATA\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.5\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon

Now you can execute this command to show your keys:

.\chia keys show

It will show all your keys. Just copy and paste your “Farmer Public Key” and your “Pool Public Key”.

Our standard delivery options are 2tb per day per drive you ask to prepare; however, for more urgent orders reach out to us and we will organise this for you. We ship via DHL/UPS express whichever provides the quickest shipping method to your country/location (usually in less than a week shipping)

We sure do! If you have any question or face any problem, please contact and we will figure it out together.

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